Strategy Games


Size 900 MB Single Link Compressed

Armello-CODEX – Armello is a grand swashbuckling adventure that combines three styles of play; The deep tactics of card games with the rich strategy of table top board games, combined with a character role-playing system. As a hero from one … Continue reading

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Rise of Nations Extended Edition-FLT

Size 1.2 GB Single Link Highly Compressed

Rise of Nations is a real-time strategy game that spans all history. Start with a single city in the Ancient Age; gather resources; build an infrastructure; research technologies; construct Wonders of the World such as the Pyramids and the Eiffel … Continue reading

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Nobunaga’s Ambition Sphere of Influence-RELOADED

Size 4.58 GB Single Link Compressed

The renowned historical simulation series returns with enhanced features in “Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere on Influence”. Take the role of the legendary Warring States Daimyō (Warlords) such as “Nobunaga Oda” and “Shingen Takeda” to work your way towards unification by making … Continue reading

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Shadowrun Hong Kong-CODEX

Size 2.9 GB Single Link Compressed

Hardcore Gamer on Shadowrun: Hong Kong HONG KONG. A stable and prosperous port of call in a sea of chaos, warfare, and political turmoil. The Hong Kong Free Enterprise Zone is a land of contradictions – it is one of … Continue reading

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Fallen: A2P Protocol-PLAZA

Size 498MB Single Link Compressed

A post-apocalyptic, turn based, tactical combat and strategy game where you lead your caravan on a quest for revenge. In a World saved and destroyed by a new energy source, a quest for revenge will unveil the deepest secret on … Continue reading

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Breach and Clear

Size 1.0 GB Single Link Compressed

In Breach and Clear game you need to build a special army team by selecting squads from Germany’s KSK, US Army Rangers, UK SAS and Canada’s JTF2. Then you need to come up with an effective plan to take your enemies … Continue reading

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Medieval 2 Total War

Size 7.2 GB / Split 2 parts 4GB Compressed

Medieval 2 Total War PC game is set in the period between 1000’s to 1600’s. And it includes the historical battles of the famous primitive Factions which ruled the world. In this game you can choose between battles and Single … Continue reading

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Valkyria Chronicles-CODEX

Size 19.49 GB Single Link Compressed

Set in a fictitious continent reminiscent of the 1930s, Valkyria Chronicles depicts Europe divided in two and ruled by two super powers: the Empire and the Federation. The Empire has set its sights on invading a small neutral country called … Continue reading

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Men of War Vietnam Special Edition MULTi7-PROPHET

Size 6.5 GB Single Link Compressed

Men of War: Vietnam is a new game for the critically acclaimed series. The new, story-driven battle gives you a chance to taste the unstable blend of the wilderness, Hueys and rock-n-come in 1968. The US battle concentrates on a group … Continue reading

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Executive Assault-SKIDROW

Size 756.36 MB Single Link Compressed

Executive Assault is an indie real-time strategy/first-person shooter where you can not only build your base and create armies, but also take control of your units and fight as one of them. RTS mode As the CEO put responsible for … Continue reading

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