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Top-5-sports-to-help-you-get-active-this-summer 5 TIPS FOR BROADCASTING A NEW SPORT


Reporting on a new sport is always going to be a stressful experience even if you have been in broadcasting for many years. It involves understanding a whole set of information like player names, terminology, rules of the game, and many more. The key thing to remember is to do your research and connect with experts who have been with the sports for many years.


  1. Study

The first step in being an expert at commentating on a new sport is to educate yourself. It’s almost a given that you won’t immediately become a pro for broadcasting a new sport so you’ll need to learn its ins and outs. Start by doing your research. Learn not just the popular players and teams but the underdogs and newcomers as well.

If you can, talk to some of the coaches and players to get a first-hand account of what it’s like to be playing the game. Take copious notes on their answers. You can also ask the opinion of other veteran broadcasters in the sport. They can be a source of invaluable information that can help you become better at sports commentary.


  1. Look for advice

You won’t get all the necessary information by just using Google. You might need to seek first-hand accounts and expert advice in order to get yourself familiar with the new sport. You can certainly seek the advice of professionals and those who have been doing the job for much longer.

Even if you don’t know anyone, you can always respectfully and politely approach them. Not only are you getting valuable information about the news sport, but you are also expanding your network which will help you down the line.


  1. Get familiar with the roster

 All sports broadcasters are expected to familiarize themselves with all the players in all the teams. This way, when reporting on the latest news on the sport, there is an effective and efficient line of communication between reporter and audience.

Not only should you know their names, but you should also know a little about their history and current standing because their career exists outside of the field.


  1. Know the terminology

 The most embarrassing thing any sports reporter can do is use a sports term incorrectly. It shows your lack of knowledge about the sport and inexperienced with sports reporting. Lucky for you, the internet contains many if not all the important terminology in any sport, even the obscure ones like 바카라게임 (Baccarat games).

You would do yourself a favor by studying them and getting yourself familiar with how they are used. You can review past broadcasts to know how to use the terms correctly.


  1. Be prepared

Much like you would do extensive research about the new sport you’re going to be reporting, you also need to prepare for each game you’re about to report on. Brush up on the teams who will be playing against each other.

Know the important players and their current standing and track record. The more prepared you are, the less you will be nervous in your broadcast.

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