Common Types of Slot Machine Games

On July 19, 2020 at 3:44 pm

Common-Types-of-Slot-Machine-Games-300x300 Common Types of Slot Machine Games

Slot machines game can be categorized according to their denomination, gameplay features, and manufacturers. Most of the game listed on 188bet are available for real money. You are provided with the free version, so you can determine which game is the best slot machine for you. Below are some major slot types that you may like.

Video Poker

Based on five cards draw, this game gives virtual cards to players and challenges to make the best possible poker hand. Payouts are tied to the side’s strength with a pair of Jacks or, better, usually being required to furnish the money.

Video Bingo

Instead of the reel –style of play available on traditional slot. It is featured on a video card. There are two types of game American Bingo and Latin Bingo. Latin Bingo played in Mexico and Europe, and American Bingo played in the USA and Canada.


The name of the game is arrived by melding “Pachinko” and slot machine. It is found in Japanese parlor and casino. It features three reels and three coins maximum wager and buttons that allow the bet to stop the spin manually. Skilled players play it. Most machines offer a 90% range.

New Slot Game

It has twenty symbols on the reel, and some symbol might have programmed to only come after forty spins while others might come at ten turns.The advantage of this is bigger win casinos can offer bigger jackpots and are sometimes much more significant.

Our purpose is to provide a broad view and explanation of these games. Most games are also available for you to play for money as well.

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