Monster Hunter 3

Developer: Capcom Publisher: Capcom Release Date: April 1, 2010 Genres: ActionRPG Console: PC Type: Full ISO Size: 2.7 GB Single Link Compressed
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Monster Hunter 3 Tri is a hack and slash RPG Games made ​​and published by Capcom in April 2010 for the Wii and PC (Windows). Game modes in this game there are two types, namely online and offline gameplay modes. Monster Hunter 3 is a game that has the action role playing game genre, with a brief storyline and characters that will continue to evolve based on the level of equipment you already have. One of the reasons why you should play this game only if you are interested to see and challenge the big monsters are scary. After that, you can upgrade your equipment in order to become more powerful and easier to face the battle that had been waiting in front of the eyes.

During the game, you just find a countryside where you can pick up missions, purchase goods, exchange of goods, gardening and upgrade your weapons and armor. Monster Hunter 3 Tri is about a sea monster called the Lagiacrus and is very annoying creatures in the surrounding countryside. As a new hunter, then this will be your duty to train, upgrade weapons and armor and kill the enemy.

Minimum Requirement

Operating System: Windows XP / Windows 7 Processor: Intel Pentium Dual core, 3.0 Ghz or Higher Memory: 1 GB Graphics: 128 bit 256 Mb Ram VGA DirectX: 9.0c Hard Drive: 3 GB available space Sound Card: Any compatible soundcard Additional Notes:

Recommended Requirement

Operating System: Win7, Win 8, Win Vista, Windows XP, Win8.1 Processor: Intel Dual Core (or higger) Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 560 Ti (or ATI equivalent DirectX: 10 Hard Drive: 3 GB available space Sound Card: Any compatible soundcard Additional Notes:


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26 Responses to Monster Hunter 3

  1. Febraan says:

    widihhh monter hunter 3.. sikatt!! :v

  2. Suzaku Akari says:

    ini emulator bukan

  3. Rofix D'Inferno says:

    ini ga pake emu kan?? w lom tau kalo MH ada yg versi PC gan?? mohon konfirmasinya

  4. Catur Aza says:

    Passwordnya apa gan? buat unlock link download

  5. Nopal Hanra says:

    Gan game one piece gda?

  6. Yonda says:

    ini tuh pake emu dolphi apa gmn? setau gw cma ada di WII gak ada di PC

  7. LM says:

    min pas mau di play ada tulisan failed to write BT.DNIF to SYSCONF itu knp ?

  8. Galang Reformasi says:

    min nanya nie game maininnya pakek emulator apa gak gan??

  9. Rofix D'Inferno says:

    dannn ternyata pake emu ini game…. Wii…. udah gua duga ga da yg PC ni game series

  10. Aldi Nugraha says:

    gan ane ga bisa maininnya, ga compitable katanya.
    gimana caranya gan ?

  11. Reza Naufal Rabbani says:

    min ini ga compatible masa… mohon pencerahannya nih…

  12. Arrizal Fauzanbarliana says:

    gan, kok pas buka crash ya?

  13. User says:

    Min ngerubah bahasa gimana??????

  14. Indra Prasetyo says:

    Intinya ini game kalo ga ada consolenya ga bs d mainin? Atau ada yg tau caranya setting pake joystik?
    Matur suwun

  15. Etiz Hendrata Jr. says:

    caranya gmn 32bit bisa main?

  16. rexy rexy says:

    cara ngecheatnya gimn :v

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