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On September 18, 2019 at 6:23 pm

The NFL enables you to watch its games on your favorite platform, regardless of whether you’re hoping to stream from a phone, PC, set-top box or anything in the middle. Here’s how you can stream NFL game live for free.

  1. Cable & Satellite Subscribers

If your home has a cable TV subscription, the problem is solved. NFL RedZone enables you to watch the most exhilirating moments of the footbal game. On a given Sunday, the service broadcasts go live for all games, only when some team enters into the “red zone,” or potentially score a touchdown. This is so because it let you know about the real-time fantasy stats and extended highlights – useful for fantasy-football people.

  1. Free Streaming Subscription Without Cable

Sometimes, you really want to enjoy your favorite team match, but you cannot clutter up the TV with a cable subscription, Sling TV is out there, providing you with a middle ground. This streaming service features ESPN.com and Fox Sports.

Moreover, there are also many sites that only provide live score charts so you can keep yourself updated. This means to put these options somewhere in the middle of a traditional cable plan. However, it is way convenient to watch on apps, while it performs with a wide array of smartphones, game consoles, and TVs.

  1. Avoid NFL Game Pass Blackouts with VPN

A majority of online guides state that if you attempt to fake a VPN, making it as though you are currently residing in Europe and utilize it to sign up for the European version of the NFL Game Pass, of course you can watch any game live with that. NFL Game Pass is availabe to around all European countries and former Soviet republics. However, there are exceptions. You may not be picking up the UK as your location, as some blackouts are applicable out there.

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