Ramadan Activities and Games for Kids

On June 1, 2019 at 12:04 pm
7 Ramadan Activities and Games for Kids

Ramadan Activities and Games for Kids

The blessed Ramadan is passing by! Mothers are leaving no stones unturned to bring a wealth of considerable Ramadan experience to their children. It is relevant and valuable! In this context, let us discuss some Ramadan activities and games for your children here under.

Quran Games

Ramadan is an ideal month for kids to become familiar with the Quran, learn it by heart, and recite it. This Ramadan, learn it with some fun! For example, kids should sit in a circle, thus reciting the same Surah. Each kid should recite one ayat of that Surah. Alternatively, coloring in the Quranic verses and their translation, introducing fasting as a pillar of Islam, is beneficial for children.

Partake in Home Chores

Sometimes, Ramadan produces a sort of burden to the parents in terms of home chores. And it is difficult for them to manage. So besides games on Ramadan, your kids can perform specific tasks inside the house. Rather than revealing to them you are already tired, ask them to help you in home chores throughout this month. For example, let them garnish rice, vegetables, cookies, cake, pizza, or any typical food of your country.

Toys Rotation

Since it is best for you to buy new toys and books to your children in Ramadan, many people cannot afford to do so. Instead, we encourage you to execute a toy or book rotation at your home. Before the onset of Ramadan, keep some toys from the kids. When you pull them out again during Ramadan, the kids will be surprised. Perform this weekly if you have enough toys or books at home.

Prayer Corner for Kids

Children should know you regard them and their attitude toward Islam, allowing them to perform Ibadah at their prayer corner. Specify a corner for them to prayer, inviting them to call to righteousness. You can do this without buying anything. Instead, you can use prayer mats or rugs.

Use Digital Resources

There are a wealth of online resources and applications that are accessible today. A majority of them are always free. It is best for kids who are open to using a PC or tablet. We particularly encourage parents to introduce their techy kids to spiritual helpful videos and videogames.
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