The Best Project Management Tools

On November 8, 2021 at 7:24 pm
The-Best-Project-Management-Tools The Best Project Management Tools

The Best Project Management Tools

If we consider the entire introduction of a business, then we can compare this process with raising a child. If the effort is wise, you can create a quality product. But here it is important to note that you cannot predict everything, sometimes the process can get out of control. This does not mean that you are a bad educator, it just means that you need more skills, experience, and reasonable management tools.

The same processes occur during the software development stages when projects begin to live their own lives. There may even not be enough money and time for the final work. And in this case, we can remember project management, which is a combination of knowledge, skills, experience, methods, technologies, and tools. All this can satisfy the requirements to some extent.

Today, a large number of project management tools are known. But what tools to choose for effective project management. You can consider the options available.

Main camp

One of the most popular apps is base camp. The software solution is great for helping to manage projects and has many fans around the world. Basecamp has a simple interface and simple controls. It is a great tool for collaboration between partners and clients. With this software you can:

  •   Create a to-do list.
  •   Generate performance papers.
  •   Manage data, share it with clients.
  •   Setting up files.
  •   Schedule of affairs.
  •   Analysis of the project implementation.

It should be noted that the solution is adaptive, it is possible to use all the functions from any mobile device. The main advantages include a good interface, many tools, and the presence of additional services.

As for the pitfalls: integration of additional services is required to use Google Drive or Dropbox.

The cost of the product does not exceed $ 100 per month with an unlimited number of users. There are subscriptions for teachers and students. There are even discounts for all non-profit companies.

 Zoho Projects

To manage the team, you can use Zoho Projects – this is the project coordinator. This solution covers all aspects of the creation workflow while keeping everything organized. What is included in the features of this tool:

  •   It is possible to develop different lists of tasks, subtasks, and stages.
  •   Gantt charts are available.
  •   Analysis of errors.
  •   Accounting for working hours.
  •   Documents and files – management.
  •   Communication in social networks.
  •   For better coordination, project channels have been created.
  •   Link with Google Apps.

It is possible to integrate with Zoho CRM, managing all aspects of a particular project.


Tracking errors comes at an additional cost.

Some pages and chats are not included in standard plans.

The free version has only 10 MB of storage. If you need more, you will have to pay between $ 25 and $ 80 per month, it all depends on the specific needs of the team.


Some professionals use Wrike to manage projects with high-quality and effective features. The application has a large number of functions and does not take much time to install.

White wrike allows you to do:

  1. Manage projects in email See table, where all the information about the projects is located.
  2. Plan projects.
  3. There are information panels.
  4. Formation of documentation and reporting, tracking efficiency.
  5. There are statuses of tasks, reminders.
  6. Gantt charts are available.
  7. Prompt installation.
  8. There is no limit on the number of projects.
  9. Integration with API.
  10. All team members can be on one page. Suitable for large projects.

As for the cons:

  •   An expensive app.
  •   There is no intuitive interface.
  •   The program is free for 5 users. Depending on the functions, the price of the application also changes – $ 9.80 / $ 24.80 / $ 34.60 per user.

If you competently approach the analysis of existing applications, then you can easily find the most effective solution for managing specific projects and teams for your own business. Before you sign up for a paid subscription, you check the product in a trial version, each of the abovementioned solutions has a free trial version.

Share with us your personal experience and add to this list more great tools to help the readers simplify the development.

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