The Witcher 3 PC RPG Game

On June 2, 2020 at 6:32 pm
The-Witcher-3-PC-Game The Witcher 3 PC RPG Game

The Witcher 3 PC Game

Satisfying combat and excellent story, the duo together makes Witcher 3 the best RPG game released this year. Witcher 3 is a remarkable work by the Polish video game studio CCD project. Red Geralt sets out for an adventure to protect the child of destiny, to kill the monsters and collect treasure.

The game formula is changed, and the area with the beast to hunt and task to complete is introduced. The series combat is also replaced by improving the method of fighting. The chstory is filled with horror, tragedy, and humor. The first view seems like your standard game, RPG hybrid, Geralt fighting with beast and enemy with magical spells and sword, and viewer feel himself in the magic world.

Geralt is a professional fighter, but a group of armed people easily overcomes him. It is a mixture of swords play movement, magical attack, and potent potion that makes Geralt the hero he is. You can calculate and assign the skill points to Geralt by using pathfinder ability score calculator.

Geralt has two long swords that are used for a different purpose. His steel sword is for human enemy and silver sword for monster and beast. The story attracts you from the start and does not let you go for 5-7 hours in the tutorial area; you will explore the world, giving you the feeling that every corner is filled with history. The viewer feels alive. You feel involved in the mission, and it seems to have an impact on the purpose and game. The combat system is excellent. Geralt uses potion during battle intelligently between winning and losing battle and by combining all the forces cleverly, Geralt wins the battle control excellently.

Features Of The Witcher 3

  • Excellent scenes and graphics
  • A massive world filled with Contents
  • Extraordinary story with dialogue and exciting combats
  • Great movement in Combats
  • Quick movements and you  feel like a hunter of the beast as well
  • Absorbing and enchanting world
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