Top 5 social messaging apps

On August 30, 2020 at 11:10 am
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Top 5 social messaging apps

In the modern world, all peoples use the smartphone to entertain yourself as well as for other purposes. Because of regular use, some apps are checkout daily by peoples and that apps have achieved top places in the market. Some people have made social media as their jobs such as the work of regular posting videos, images and many more. Social media have also provided a great place for business and promoted many people’s business which is so helpful. Here are names of such apps which are used by millions of people daily such as –

Instagram– It is one of the best apps in the present days. It was created in 2010. It works on both platforms mobile applications and desktop sites. It was created by two great persons mike Krieger and Kevin systrom and was launched in the market on 6th October 2010. The features like sharing photo and video help you to create your profile but it depends on you to keep your profile public or private as the public allows all people (friends and unknown) to view while private account allows only those requests are accepted by you. You will always get likes and comments on your photo and videos. Instagram allows you to make your fans on Instagram and makes you a famous person.

GB Whatsapp– It is another and updated version of WhatsApp. The company had provided a new version and gave the name GB Whatsapp. It provides more features than its official app such as you can use dual accounts in one device .with the GB Whatsapp you will fall in love with chatting. Some of the amazing features of GB Whatsapp are-

  • Password protected.
  • Hide view status.
  • does not show the blue tick.
  • No typing indication.
  • Always keep you online.

You can download this app gbwhatsapp download from its official site.

Facebook– it is one of the best apps in recent days. It provides you very interesting features and it also promotes your business. it is a good platform for business. People usually download these apps to meet up with new friends. it does not provide any public or private account options. it allows you to share photos and videos. it also allows you to make phone calls such as video calls and voice calls. In the business option, you can connect with new customers. it has more than a billion active accounts.

Snapchat– It is one of the most famous and popular among teenagers. its features are very unique and different from other apps. The latest feature of Snapchat was stories where you can post both images and videos. The story will disappear once it is viewed in a matter of just 10 seconds. it provides you different types of snaps which are very amazing to see. it makes your photo and video more effective by Appling filters, text and snaps. it is also so good at chatting and making phone calls.

Whatsapp– it is one of the popular apps all over the world. it allows you to make your account by your profile image and by your phone number. in the way of chatting it will provide you emoji and stickers which will make you feel so fun and enjoyable. it helps you to connect with your contacts and friends and makes you keep in touch with your family by sending status. the status allows the users to send both videos and images which can only be viewed by your contacts and friends no unknown person can view your status which is good in security options.

Final words– the growth of social media is increasing day by day which makes our India more smart and fast. Social media also helps many people such as some are not able to give time to their family so through these apps you can stay in touch. it is also good for business . Through these you can connect with new customers.

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